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About Me

About Shannon Perkes

Lifelong resident of Skagit County, from a logging, and farm family background through to today.

Including all sorts of small business ownerships in construction, manufacturing, and production agricultural working both as an owner and employee.  I enjoy quiet time with my family and enjoying the outdoors from gardening to fishing and boating. We live in a great place with an abundance of things to do to appreciate the outdoors.

There is a network of family, friends, and business associates that are always around me that make my life a true blessing

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We Work For The People

Shannon believes it’s time that the Legislature goes to work for the WHOLE state, not just the urban areas and special interests. 
A lifetime of working in and alongside the blue collar and red blooded of our community uniquely qualifies Shannon to be the rural voice we need in Olympia to STAND UP to Inslee’s rubber stamp agenda! 
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What I Will Fight For

Property rights

clean, fair, transparent, and auditable elections

free choice of medical treatment

Victim's rights and punishment of criminals

equal treatment under the law

small business and less regulations


Experienced, Honest & Successful

Shannon believes we’ve drifted too far and for too long from the fundamental principles of sound government. 
It’s time we had a voice in Olympia that challenges:

  • “one size fits Seattle” environmental policies that directly attack families and communities grounded in farming, logging, and fishing. 
  • Emergency executive powers should be limited by the legislature IMMEDIATELY and MUST BE reviewable and rescindable by special session of the legislature.
  • The State should LEAD collaborative efforts to curb over-fishing and should fully investigate undue influence and the false claims that drove the fake water crisis negatively impacting farms and families in SkAGit and Whatcom counties. 

What People Say About Shannon

What People Say About Shannon


People Supporting Shannon Perks

Washington State Farm

Bureau PAC

Skagit County

Republican Party